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Ebonie, Licensed extension specialist at E. Noir Extensions + Color Salon


Owner and Extension & Color specialist

As a mom of three, I know exactly how important it is to have some me time while being pampered in a relaxing ambiance. My sister and I created the E. Noir Salon Experience. You'll leave my salon feeling uplifted, relaxed and more confident than you've ever felt before. 

I've been a stylist for 17 years and have never been more in love with my clients or craft. I have dedicated the last 4 years to honing the art of Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Because of the education I've invested in I am currently the only Licensed Natural Beaded Row Extension Artist in New Mexico.

While most stylists offer a great first visit and solid maintenance care thereafter, I see my role as your stylist a bit differently. I work together closely with my clients from the moment they book their extensions consultation to the weeks following their new hair experience.

Not only checking in with them in the days following their appointment, but sending them step by step video tutorials on how to not only care for their extensions, but how to keep them looking and feeling amazing too.


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Who is a candidate for our extensions?

The E Noir Extension Experience is ideal for most people. But your hair should be at a minimum shoulder length.

What's the extension commitment?

Your initial appointment will have you in the salon for a minimum of 4 hours. After that you will need to come back every 6-8 weeks for maintenance appointments.

Do I need special products to maintain my extensions?

Using the right products is a major part of mainting your extensions for as long as possible. Your stylist will go over exactly what products you need and exactly how to use the duting you appointment.
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