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E. Noir salon serves the Albuquerque community, specializing in exquisite color and seamless NBR extensions as the highest rated, most beloved luxury salon in New Mexico.


Elevating and connecting the Albuquerque area and beauty professionals as a whole with our educated and dedicated team in a luxurious atmosphere where we are able to create a beautiful, balanced life for ourselves while pouring confidence into each and every guest that steps into our salon.



  • Eager and committed to ongoing education and training.

    • Attending every educational class provided by the salon

    • Mentored by Ebonie and any other mentor appointed by Ebonie with in the salon

    • Retaining what was learned by working on mannequins or models

    • Becoming certified in NBR Extensions

  • Supportive of each other & our community

    • Sharing each others wins & losses

    • Coming together as a team to not only have fun but to problem solve and grow together.

    • Refusing to participate in idle gossip about teammates 

    • Respecting each person's boundaries and privacy

  • Dedicated to the client experience

    • Puts the needs of our guests first

    • Following our guest experience system so that every guest receives an experience above and beyond their expectations

    • Respecting our guests privacy and boundaries

  • Embrace a healthy work/life balance

    • Putting forth 100% effort 100% of the time

    • For the salon, the team and the community

    • Remembering the importance of disconnecting ourselves from work to enjoy family, friends and taking care of ourselves

  • Striving and achieving continuous growth

    • Regularly setting personal and financial goals

    • Creating a plan to achieving those goals

    • Leveling up consistently by hitting those goals


All The Benefits

Anniversary Program

That includes Gift cards for dinner or movies, paid time off,  & cash bonuses.

Health Insurance

Paid Time off

In Salon Guest Educators

Up to 3 per year


Natural Beaded Rows Extension Training

Certification Program

Licensed Academy


Positions within E. Noir Salon


  • Compensation

    • Starting at $11.50 per hour

  • Experience Required

    • No experience required

    • Cosmetology License

    • Date scheduled to take Cosmetology test


Senior Stylist

  • Compensation

    • Sliding Scale pay based on performance

    • Hourly+ commission

  • ExperienceRequired

    • Cosmetology License

    • 2-4 years behind the chair


  • Compensation

    • Sliding Scale

    • Hourly + commission

  • ExperienceRequired

    • Cosmetology License

    • 1-2 years behind the chair


  • Compensation

    • Starting pay $11.50 per hour

  • No Experience necessary

Salon Coordinator

  • Compensation

    • Starting pay $11.50 per hour

  • No Experience Necessary

Shift Options & Details

Assistant Program

  • 4 Days A Week

  • ​No Saturdays

  • 32 Hours Per Week

  • One-on-One Training with Ebonie
  • Online Program Education

E. Noir Stylist Academy

  • 2, 3 or 4 Day Shifts

  • In Salon Training

    • Color and Cut Education

    • The Guest Experience

    • Business and Marketing Training

    • Retention and Retail Sales Training

Salon Coordinator

  • 2, 3 or 4 Day Shifts

  • E. Noir Salon Culture Training with Ebonie

Currently Open Positions


Ready To Join The E. Noir Team?

Meet The Team Page
Click here to learn a little bit more about the E. Noir Team
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