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E Noir Salon (formerly Oooh Girl Salon) opened 8 years ago and we've been having an amazing time doing gorgeous hair ever since. As a salon we specialize in NBR (Natural beaded row) extensions and color transformations. Located in the heart of Albuquerque we offer modern luxury in a fun relaxed environment.



Licensed NBR Extension Artist

Why am I here? Why do I do what I do? It is not just a simple "Because I love to do hair." There are so many things that go into why I am a hairstylist. 

I love the creative freedom it allows me to have. Each one is special and each one is different. I love the people I work with. Each of my stylists offer something unique, which is one part of why my salon is unique. 

I am a hairstylist not only because I love doing hair, but also because I love the people who sit in my chair. 

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Custom Color & Cuts

I have 12 years experience in the cosmetology field. I love to do hair and I'm very passionate about it. I love to be able to create something that makes someone else happy. Doing hair goes much deeper than superficial beauty. I want my clients to feel beautiful inside and out. 

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